Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Email Scams

With COVID-19 top of mind for everyone, online scammers are taking advantage of public fear by sending malicious emails.

Some of the scams to be on the lookout for:
Emails that appear to be from organizations such as CDC or WHO; the emails contain malicious phishing links or dangerous attachments.
Emails that ask for charity donations for victims affected by COVD-19.
Emails with “new” or “updated” list of COVD-19 cases in your area. These emails could contain dangerous links and information designed to scare you into clicking the link.

Remain cautious! Never click on links or download attachments from an email that you weren’t expecting. If you receive a suspicious email that appears to come from an official organization such as the WHO or CDC, report the email to the official organization through their website. If you want to make a charity donation, go to the charity website of your choice to submit your payment. Type the charity’s web address in your browser instead of clicking on any links in emails, or other messages.