CUPE LOCAL 1882 members ratify four-year agreement with City of Cambridge

Monday, December 7, 2020 — Members of Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 1882 (CUPE Local 1882) ratified a 4-year collective agreement today for its City of Cambridge Inside workers bargaining unit.

“Our bargaining committee went through a process of intense negotiations and many hours of personal time. We couldn’t have gone through this without the tremendous support that we received from our members,” said Jennifer Wrzala, President of CUPE Local 1882.

I’d like to thank both sides of the bargaining teams who worked cooperatively to ensure we could continue to safely deliver efficient services and quality programs to our community. I’m proud to say our members voted overwhelmingly in favour of ratifying a new collective agreement.”

The four-year collective agreements between CUPE Local 1882 and the City of Cambridge cover the period from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2023.
CUPE Local 1882 represents 141 Full-Time and 31 Part-Time City of Cambridge employees working in all City divisions, including administrative and professional staff, building inspectors, bylaw officers, customer service, and technical services workers.

CUPE 1882 gift to the CSHFB

On Tuesday, November 24, CUPE Local 1882 presented a cheque to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank. After this challenging year, many of the families in our community need our help.

Does someone you know need a little extra help this holiday season? The Cambridge Self Help Food Bank is here for them.

Everyone in our community deserves a meal to remember this year.🎄  People can register for the Christmas Hamper program, and registration is available until November 30th.
To register, call 519-742-5860.  The phone line is open from Monday-Friday between 9:30 am-4:00 pm. If the line is busy please call back.
For more information on the Hamper program, or to volunteer, click on  

CUPE LOCAL 1882 General Membership and Nominations Virtual Zoom Meeting  

When: Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020.  The meeting opens at 4:30 pm to read the minutes.

Your Zoom meeting link was sent to your personal email.  Don’t see it? Email us and we will re-send:

Nominations Etiquette:

  • Rename your zoom name to your first and last name; nicknames or initials are not acceptable. We need to be able to identify who every CUPE 1882 member is in attendance.
  • Members will not be allowed to dial in (phone) the meeting.
  • After you have renamed your zoom name, sign in by typing your first and last name into the chat for quorum requirements; this is mandatory as this information may be required by CUPE Auditors.
  • Keep your device in the “Mute” position unless you are advised it is your turn to speak.
  • Please keep comments respectful.
  • Ask questions at the appropriate time just like you would do at a regular in-person meeting.
  • If you have a question, please type the word “QUESTION’ in the chat. Someone will be monitoring the chatbox. When you are acknowledged by the Chair you will be asked to unmute and ask your question.

Virtual Nomination Process

Matt Blevins is your Returning Officer and is running the Nomination Process. Due to the technological requirements of hosting this meeting, we are unable to name a co-host that still allows them to have a vote, therefore there will be two profiles during the meeting for this member (there will also be another computer titled “CUPE Cambridge” that is assigned as the “Host Computer” and there will be no voting permitted from this device).

As per Article 12(a) of Local 1882 Bylaws:

To be eligible for nomination, a member shall have attended at least fifty percent of the membership meetings held in the previous twelve months, unless a valid reason, acceptable to the Local, has been given for non-attendance. No nomination shall be accepted unless the member is in attendance at the meeting or has allowed to be filed at the meeting with his consent in writing, duly witnessed by another member. No member shall be eligible for nomination if he is in arrears of dues and/or assessments.

Note: Due to COVID-19 meeting cancellations the CUPE National President, Mark Hancock, has directed locals to count all canceled meetings as having been attended by all members.

Prior to each nomination, Matt will make the following announcement: “We will now be accepting nominations for the position of XX”

A Nominator will need to raise their hand using the feature located on the bottom menu or type into the chat ‘NOMINATE’ and Matt will recognize and unmute you. Once unmuted you can state the name of the person you would like to nominate.

Members that are unable to attend the September General Membership meeting but would like to allow their name to stand should they be nominated to a position are required to send an email to stating your intentions.

For Example, I, Jane Doe, will accept a nomination to the position of XX.

Matt will then ask the following:

  • 1st Call for Nominees
  • 2nd Call for Nominees
  • 3rd and Final call for Nominees

The calling for nominees for “Position XX” is now closed. In reverse order, the Returning Officer will ask the nominees if they wish to allow their name to stand for the position of XX.

Nominees must clearly voice their intentions by stating if they are accepting or declining the nomination.

The vote for all positions will occur at the October General Membership meeting.

If any position has only one nomination, there will be no need to have a vote at the October meeting – that person will be acclaimed.

If someone is nominated for more than one position, that person’s name will stand for each vote. If/when that person is successful and elected to a position, their name will be removed from any subsequent position(s) and not available to be voted on.

And as always if you have any questions – drop us a line a

In Solidarity,

1882 Executive

Lunch & Learn: All About the Union Positions

Your Local 1882 is holding its Union Executive Elections this year.   What does your Union Executive do? Join us for our 2nd Lunch & Learn: All About the Union Positions
Thurs, Sept.10, 2020, 12:00pm – 1:00pm.
Your hosts: Jennifer W. & Nicole W.
Your zoom meeting link will be sent to you after registering.
Nominations meeting for all Local 1882 Executive positions: Tues. Sept 15.
The floor will open for nominations after the general membership meeting.

General Membership Meeting:  Tues. Sept 15.  The Meeting will open at 4:30 to read minutes. Members, your meeting link will be sent to your personal email. Please use your personal device to join the meeting.

Interested in running for an executive position? Ensure you have a member nominate you. All positions are available to eligible members (members who have attended 50% of the General membership meetings in the past year), in good standing (Executive Nominations will proceed after the General Membership meeting on Sept 15).


Protecting public services during the pandemic and beyond

Even though the pandemic highlighted the importance of public services in keeping Canadians healthy and safe, cash-strapped employers may be vulnerable to a sales pitch for contracting out, or public-private partnerships (P3s).

If you spot a warning sign of privatization, or an opportunity to contract in work during the COVID-19 recovery, spread the word. Talk to your steward and your local executive. Your executive will contact the CUPE staff rep.  They’ll help assess the threat and connect with CUPE staff in education, communications, and research to develop a plan.

Be alert

Budgetary problems

An employer in financial difficulty may consider privatizing because of misguided desperation, even though privatization costs more and delivers less.

  • Does your employer have increased expenses related to COVID-19?
  • Have your employer’s revenue sources decreased because of COVID-19?
  • Was your employer having financial difficulty before the pandemic?
  • Are there options for financial support available to your employer?

Layoffs or redeployments

Reduced or frozen staff could set the stage for privatization

  • Has your employer laid off members because of the pandemic? If yes, did these layoffs affect part-time, temporary workers or seasonal workers?
  • Have workers been redeployed to other service areas?
  • These questions also apply to hiring freezes.

Cuts to public services

Public services cuts could lead to privatization

  • Have public services been cut, suspended, or canceled in response to COVID-19?
  • Which types of services have been affected?
  • How will this affect the public?

Emergency legislation and by-laws

Changes to procurement rules or collective agreement protections as a result of emergency legislation could set the stage for privatization

  • What has emergency legislation changed for your employer (e.g. workforce redeployment, public service levels, collective agreement protections)?
  • Has emergency legislation suspended collective agreement protections against contracting out?
  • Has your employer hired additional staff during the pandemic to do bargaining unit work?

Contracting in

If workers are laid off, are there opportunities to bring contracted out work back in house?

  • Is your employer putting out tenders for newly contracted out work? Could this work be done by workers who are laid off or by hiring additional workers?
  • Is there a possibility for your employer to cancel private contracts and redeploy workers instead of laying them off, bringing work back in house?
  • Has COVID-19 highlighted any problems with contracted-out services? Could there be an opportunity to contract in work such as landscaping, cleaning, food services, or IT?

For more information on being prepared or taking action, visit

For more information on privatization, visit


Together, we can stop privatization before it starts.

CUPE LOCAL 1882 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP Virtual Zoom Meeting and elections

Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The meeting will open at 4:30 to read the minutes.

All positions are available for eligible members in good standing.   If you are running for an executive position, ensure you have someone nominate you.
Your meeting link will be sent to your personal email in September. Please use your personal device to join the meeting.
It is recommended you join the meeting before it starts in case you have any problems. It is not recommended to connect twice, or you will experience an echo.


Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 4:45 pm.

Meeting will open at 4:30 to read minutes.
Members, your meeting link has been sent to your personal email. Please use your personal device to join the meeting.  This meeting will be recorded for Quality Control and not for distribution.
It is recommended you join the meeting before it starts in case you have any problems or need to set up a Zoom account. It is not recommended to connect twice or you will experience an echo.

Zoom help -Setting up Zoom account- go to click sign up, it’s free. Sign up with a personal email (not work account).

CUPE Connects! A new, interactive web series premiering this August.

CUPE Ontario is excited to share that this August CUPE Ontario is launching a new, interactive webseries, CUPE Connects!, featuring diverse topics and speakers on the issues that matter most to CUPE members.

In keeping with the interactive format, CUPE Ontario is inviting CUPE members to vote on the first topic the webseries will tackle.

Click here to cast your vote for the first webisode!