As COVID-19 guidelines come from all levels of government, it’s normal to experience anxiety

As additional prevention guidelines continue to come from all levels of government, it’s normal to experience feelings of anxiety.

All City staff, including those who don’t have employee benefits, and their family members, are eligible for Homewood Health’s Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

In addition to general tips for managing the impact of anxiety (links below), EFAP provides you access to i-volve, a self-paced, web-based solution designed to treat anxiety and/or mild cases of depression, offering structured programs to help manage anxiety using cognitive behavioural therapy (a current best-practice treatment approach for these conditions).

See your personal email from CUPE1882 (dated March 25) or your work email (dated March 24) on how to access i-Volve, and other support services.

Homewood Health – Anxiety Support Programs

Homewood Health – Managing the impact

Protect Yourself from COVID-19 Email Scams

With COVID-19 top of mind for everyone, online scammers are taking advantage of public fear by sending malicious emails.

Some of the scams to be on the lookout for:
Emails that appear to be from organizations such as CDC or WHO; the emails contain malicious phishing links or dangerous attachments.
Emails that ask for charity donations for victims affected by COVD-19.
Emails with “new” or “updated” list of COVD-19 cases in your area. These emails could contain dangerous links and information designed to scare you into clicking the link.

Remain cautious! Never click on links or download attachments from an email that you weren’t expecting. If you receive a suspicious email that appears to come from an official organization such as the WHO or CDC, report the email to the official organization through their website. If you want to make a charity donation, go to the charity website of your choice to submit your payment. Type the charity’s web address in your browser instead of clicking on any links in emails, or other messages.

Are your symptoms of anxiety (in association with COVID-19) causing you significant distress?

Are you snapping at others? Feeling irritated? Trouble sleeping? These are signs that you are overwhelmed and struggling with your stress and anxiety.
The same is true if you are on opposite end (hopelessness, cynicism, helplessness).
Its okay to seek help.
As the situation with COVID-19 continues, it is important to consider your psychological health and safety. Here are 2 resources to assist you:

* The Canadian Mental Health Association offers tips to support mental health amid concerns of COVID-19 pandemic
* Homewood is our Employee and Family Assistance Program provider. Their services remain available.

COVID – 19 Update March 17

This morning the Ontario government declared a state of emergency in the province and a series of new actions to combat the spread of COVID-19 and prevent coronavirus from overwhelming the health-care system. As well, yesterday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advised that “all Canadians as much as possible, should stay home” and that “it’s time to take every precaution to keep people safe.”

Closure of Municipal Offices, Satellite Offices and Facilities:
Effective 4:30 p.m. on March 17, 2020, all remaining City of Cambridge municipal facilities currently open to the public will be closed, up to and including April 5, unless public access is required to deliver critical services.
See your work or personal email for work details. Please take some time to discuss further with your immediate supervisor or manager to clarify any questions.

CUPE LOCAL 1882 – Bargaining Update Feb

Dear Members,

Your 1882 bargaining team presented proposed contract improvements to the Collective Agreement to the employer on Jan 22, 2020. We have been meeting with the employer and continue to sign off on a number of items. We will meet with the employer again in March to continue negotiations.

Please wear your CUPE button in solidarity

In Solidarity
Your Local 1882 Bargaining Team

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Happy Holidays!

Thank you for making this past year an excellent one for our union!

As your executive, we are working towards improving our communication and engagement with you, our members, and so we share this 2019 Year in Review as information for you on what has happened and what 2020 has in store for us.

We appreciate all you do and wish you and your family a happy, safe and prosperous holiday!

OMERS: No Backroom Governance Changes!

Members, this affects your future. Take action!

Send OMERS a Message: No Backroom Governance Changes!

On Nov. 14th, OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) Board plans to vote on a series of by-law changes that will fundamentally change the governance of OMERS, weakening the voices of workers and their unions.

Only a simple majority vote (50%+1) is required to pass these changes.

If this vote goes ahead on November 14th and the governance changes pass, it will make it easier for OMERS to cut benefits like pension inflation protection (indexing) and early retirement. Last year, some at the OMERS SC Board failed in their attempt to reduce benefits and now seem to be trying to sneak through fundamental changes to how OMERS works so that they can cut our pensions in the future.

CUPE Ontario is asking you to take action to protect our collective representation at OMERS. Go to to send a letter to the OMERS SC Board telling them to defer and/or defeat these proposals;

OMERS plan members and their unions deserve to be heard—it’s our pension and it’s our right to real representation. CUPE Ontario will be taking all actions necessary to protect our rights at OMERS and the plan benefits OMERS member rely on for their retirements. If we stand united, we can defeat this attack.

Send OMERS a message: no backroom governance changes!