OMERS: No Backroom Governance Changes!

Members, this affects your future. Take action!

Send OMERS a Message: No Backroom Governance Changes!

On Nov. 14th, OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) Board plans to vote on a series of by-law changes that will fundamentally change the governance of OMERS, weakening the voices of workers and their unions.

Only a simple majority vote (50%+1) is required to pass these changes.

If this vote goes ahead on November 14th and the governance changes pass, it will make it easier for OMERS to cut benefits like pension inflation protection (indexing) and early retirement. Last year, some at the OMERS SC Board failed in their attempt to reduce benefits and now seem to be trying to sneak through fundamental changes to how OMERS works so that they can cut our pensions in the future.

CUPE Ontario is asking you to take action to protect our collective representation at OMERS. Go to to send a letter to the OMERS SC Board telling them to defer and/or defeat these proposals;

OMERS plan members and their unions deserve to be heard—it’s our pension and it’s our right to real representation. CUPE Ontario will be taking all actions necessary to protect our rights at OMERS and the plan benefits OMERS member rely on for their retirements. If we stand united, we can defeat this attack.

Send OMERS a message: no backroom governance changes!