Bill 124: Bad For You, Bad For Our Communities

Bill 124 is an attack on front-line public workers and our communities. It blames workers for Ontario’s deficit and limits workers’ wages to below inflation even as the Ford Government hands out tax breaks to profitable corporations and the wealthy 1%.

If passed, Bill 124 would:
Strip workers of their Charter-protected right to collective bargaining, free of interference.
Force front-line public sector workers to accept contracts that don’t keep pace with inflation.
Take money from the wallets of front-line workers that would have been spent in our communities and continue to give the Ford Conservatives’ wealthy supporters tax cuts.
Set the stage for even MORE attacks on public services and working people, in both the public and private sector.

Send a message to your Local MPP; tell them you’re AGAINST Bill 124, and that you want them to vote ‘NO’ when it comes to a vote.

Together, let’s choose communities, not cuts!