CUPE LOCAL 1882 General Membership and Nominations Virtual Zoom Meeting  

When: Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020.  The meeting opens at 4:30 pm to read the minutes.

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Nominations Etiquette:

  • Rename your zoom name to your first and last name; nicknames or initials are not acceptable. We need to be able to identify who every CUPE 1882 member is in attendance.
  • Members will not be allowed to dial in (phone) the meeting.
  • After you have renamed your zoom name, sign in by typing your first and last name into the chat for quorum requirements; this is mandatory as this information may be required by CUPE Auditors.
  • Keep your device in the “Mute” position unless you are advised it is your turn to speak.
  • Please keep comments respectful.
  • Ask questions at the appropriate time just like you would do at a regular in-person meeting.
  • If you have a question, please type the word “QUESTION’ in the chat. Someone will be monitoring the chatbox. When you are acknowledged by the Chair you will be asked to unmute and ask your question.

Virtual Nomination Process

Matt Blevins is your Returning Officer and is running the Nomination Process. Due to the technological requirements of hosting this meeting, we are unable to name a co-host that still allows them to have a vote, therefore there will be two profiles during the meeting for this member (there will also be another computer titled “CUPE Cambridge” that is assigned as the “Host Computer” and there will be no voting permitted from this device).

As per Article 12(a) of Local 1882 Bylaws:

To be eligible for nomination, a member shall have attended at least fifty percent of the membership meetings held in the previous twelve months, unless a valid reason, acceptable to the Local, has been given for non-attendance. No nomination shall be accepted unless the member is in attendance at the meeting or has allowed to be filed at the meeting with his consent in writing, duly witnessed by another member. No member shall be eligible for nomination if he is in arrears of dues and/or assessments.

Note: Due to COVID-19 meeting cancellations the CUPE National President, Mark Hancock, has directed locals to count all canceled meetings as having been attended by all members.

Prior to each nomination, Matt will make the following announcement: “We will now be accepting nominations for the position of XX”

A Nominator will need to raise their hand using the feature located on the bottom menu or type into the chat ‘NOMINATE’ and Matt will recognize and unmute you. Once unmuted you can state the name of the person you would like to nominate.

Members that are unable to attend the September General Membership meeting but would like to allow their name to stand should they be nominated to a position are required to send an email to stating your intentions.

For Example, I, Jane Doe, will accept a nomination to the position of XX.

Matt will then ask the following:

  • 1st Call for Nominees
  • 2nd Call for Nominees
  • 3rd and Final call for Nominees

The calling for nominees for “Position XX” is now closed. In reverse order, the Returning Officer will ask the nominees if they wish to allow their name to stand for the position of XX.

Nominees must clearly voice their intentions by stating if they are accepting or declining the nomination.

The vote for all positions will occur at the October General Membership meeting.

If any position has only one nomination, there will be no need to have a vote at the October meeting – that person will be acclaimed.

If someone is nominated for more than one position, that person’s name will stand for each vote. If/when that person is successful and elected to a position, their name will be removed from any subsequent position(s) and not available to be voted on.

And as always if you have any questions – drop us a line a

In Solidarity,

1882 Executive