1882 union executive election: Tues. Oct . 9, 4:45 pm

Our President’s term is done! Thank you Warren Shaw and 1882 Executive for guiding us through our last Labour dispute and negotiating our current Collective Agreement.

As unionized workers, we benefit from the work of those who went before us – our wages, benefits, and rights were won at the bargaining table. They were not “given” to us.
We owe a lot to the members of the union who preceded us. We have come a long way! But our day-to-day experiences show that we have further to go. We not only need to defend our legacy, but we must build on it too.
The more we support each other the more successful we will be.

Join us as we chose our new 1882 Union Leaders – elect your new executive to lead us in the next round of negotiations and say farewell to Warren Shaw and his team!

  • when: Tues. Oct 9, 2018. 4:45 pm – 6 pm
  • where: Young Room, 2nd Fl. City Hall
  • who: all City of Cambridge Local 1882 inside workers